Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ok wow it's been a long and horrible semester...thus the reason I didn't have any blog posts for almost two months :( But it's all over now and I got all A's! I just found out today. Also I took the LSAT on December 1 and am waiting to hear back on how I did with that. Keep your fingers crossed that I will be able to get into law school.
Now I'm at home at my parents house in a town made up of 90 percent low life trashy people......oh its so boring and depressing lol A couple of my friends from home are creating lots of dramatic issues, so I'm not really on good terms with them now. I'm supposed to have a meeting with one of these friends tonight to discuss these issues. I'm in the process of making an outline with all of my argument points haha I guess that's the future lawyer coming out in me! So I'm hoping this can resolve itself. I just wonder what goes through these two friends heads or if they think at all sometimes; its just really frustrating!
Just an update from my last post.....I ended up hooking up with my frat bro! He really is a great guy, so I didn't really feel bad after the first time like with another encounter that I had with someone else. We had a saying that we constantly had to repeat during our initiation into the fraternity "Frat Brothers Love Each Other" J and I made a few jokes about that one lol ;)
I'll let ya'll know how the bitchy friends issue turns out....


Anonymous said...

Good to see an update. I'd of loved to had a roll with some of my frat brothers. Funny how all that worked out. Glad things worked out with school and J. Stay drama free! Or at least report it here.

Josh said...

Yeah, wish I would have gotten some frat boys...

Oh wait, I did...it has just been a few years. LOL

You better blog over break, asswhipe.

Love you,
Josh LOL

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