Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ok wow it's been a long and horrible semester...thus the reason I didn't have any blog posts for almost two months :( But it's all over now and I got all A's! I just found out today. Also I took the LSAT on December 1 and am waiting to hear back on how I did with that. Keep your fingers crossed that I will be able to get into law school.
Now I'm at home at my parents house in a town made up of 90 percent low life trashy people......oh its so boring and depressing lol A couple of my friends from home are creating lots of dramatic issues, so I'm not really on good terms with them now. I'm supposed to have a meeting with one of these friends tonight to discuss these issues. I'm in the process of making an outline with all of my argument points haha I guess that's the future lawyer coming out in me! So I'm hoping this can resolve itself. I just wonder what goes through these two friends heads or if they think at all sometimes; its just really frustrating!
Just an update from my last post.....I ended up hooking up with my frat bro! He really is a great guy, so I didn't really feel bad after the first time like with another encounter that I had with someone else. We had a saying that we constantly had to repeat during our initiation into the fraternity "Frat Brothers Love Each Other" J and I made a few jokes about that one lol ;)
I'll let ya'll know how the bitchy friends issue turns out....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Close Encounters of the Queer Kind

Ok...wow I didn't realize it's been like 21 days since I posted last. Things have been busy as hell...the story of my life I guess. Being a homecoming king candidate has kept me occupied and school has gotten crazy since the semester is starting to get close to the end. Also since my last post I have had my first experience with another guy...it really was hot as hell, now I know that I like being gay haha. Although I think it turned out to be nothing more than a one night stand...I needed the experience though and had a good time so nothing was lost. I had kind of a hard time dealing with the fact that I felt kinda like a whore for a while, but I'm starting to feel better about it. I honestly would love to meet someone and have a real relationship, but so many guys around here are extremely in the closet. I just feel like something is missing and I want a real honest boyfriend so bad!! Then I met another guy online and we chatted for a while and I sent a pic of myself. To make the story short we ended up knowing each other...how hot is that? Like a lifetime movie? Gotta love those haha. Although I'm sworn to secrecy I can say he's definitely a hottie. I'm not holding out hope for too much of a romantic relationship though...although I could dream. We're both greeks...need I say more lol

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Is my gayness out at home??

Ok....so yesterday I got a random facebook add from a guy that I didn't know that goes to college in my hometown. He then posted on my wall something to the effect of "what's going on cutey" so now I was really wondering how this guy knows me. Then I noticed that we had like 17 mutual friends...one of those being my friend that knows that I'm gay. So I texted my friend K and asked how I would have met this guy (I thought possibly at a party last weekend when I was drunk) well K says I haven't met him at all. So then I say he left a somewhat "strange" post on my wall and K texts me back...and I quote "I was kinda talking to him about you...sorry" This makes me worry that my little secret is gonna be flying around c town like wildfire.....great...
Well am I the only one that thinks this was kinda shitty of K to do? I didn't reply back to K.
Also I should mention that this facebook dude is completely not my type and I'm not the slightest bit interested in him. Can we say Queen???
OK there's my drama...now onto my confusing facebook relationship with a guy that I actually do find very attractive that goes to the same college that I do. It seems like we can never coordinate a time to actually get together....we have been getting closer than ever this last week. We actually have each other's cell phone numbers and text so it's moved off of facebook..a promising sign right? So wish me luck with this...cause I'll say it again...this dude is hot... lol

Oh and one more thing....there's a girl from c town that was at the party I was at last weekend and she was majorly hitting on me and still is on facebook. Ahhh that complicates things...

Friday, September 21, 2007


I'm so excited it's Friday and that I did well on BOTH of my tests!! A lot of stress has been lifted off of me....for a while at least. Funny how such a seemingly small thing can have such a mood impact.....I guess that's the life of a college student though.
I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do this afternoon....but I'm gonna make it something fun!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My busy week

Hey everyone! I know it's been a while since I posted...but things have been crazy busy lately. So far this week I have had a genetics test, 2 statistics quizzes, and a genetics lab midterm. Tomorrow is the big one...a cellular biology test ahhhhh. Think of me tomorrow morning :)
On top of all that my fraternity has been keeping me very busy....it's the time of year where we have to be available to attend all of the many rituals for the new pledges.
I also got voted to be a homecoming king candidate at my college. I think it should be a fun experience, although there seems to be quite a bit involved (lots of meetings and interviews to attend) I never really had any idea that there was so much involved!
ok...i've talked enough....now I have GOT to study for my test tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What a Day!

Today was a beautiful day....the temperature was pleasantly cool and there was a nice breeze. I probably should have been doing school related homework, but instead I was sitting on my front porch dealing with my addiction...facebooking!! Then I decided I would go to a antique book store that my neighbor mentioned to me the other day. I arrived at a store that I almost thought was abandoned until I got up close to the door and looked in through the dirty glass. Inside there were thousands of old books from floor to ceiling covering almost all of the floor space. I ended up looking for nearly an hour and decided to buy some nice 100 + year old book sets....they really are beautiful leather bound books. Antique book collecting has been an interest of mine for several years now. I think that they really give us some insight into the past and how people once lived their lives. While I'm on the subject of the past.....today was a day of remembering the awful events of six years ago. I had a very nostalgic day...remembering where I was and what I was doing back then, but also thinking about how far I had come since then....sophomore in high school to senior in college...wow how different my life is! I can hardly believe that so many years have passed so quickly. Now it's time for the homework that I neglected earlier :(

Sunday, September 9, 2007

What about religion??

Well here it is Sunday evening...ahh those are kinda depressing. I've been a bad blogger and haven't been posting lately cause the weekend was just way too busy. I went to a nearby town and went shopping lol!
I actually attended a church service this morning...it's just something that I've always done growing up, but now I think I'm beginning to question organized religion. I feel like I just don't really belong there anymore given the church's view points in certain areas. When I refer to "the church" I mean pretty much all religious institutions. How can they seem to be so unaccepting? Isn't religion and Jesus supposed to be about accepting people for who they are and that one big concept LOVE? I had lately been hearing about all the hypocrisy that is running rampant in some Christian circles lately.....the Ted Haggard incident stands out in my mind. He is someone that preached about the evils of homosexuality and how we should repent of our sinful ways for years....but guess who was caught with a male prostitute...yeah you guessed it the good ol' reverend. Anyway this is just my rantings about religion.
Well...goodnight everyone